Stuart Nielsen-Marsh


Director Microsoft Strategy


A highly experienced and adaptable business leader with over twenty years of experience in the software, consulting and professional services industry, with a track record of customer centric growth, leading business innovation and change. Nielsen-Marsh has real-world experience of developing and running cloud services businesses, as well as adoption, integration and strategy implementation, having been involved in various Cloud start-ups and projects in both enterprise and SMB companies. As a Microsoft Partner Executive, Partner Influencer and IAMCP mentor, Nielsen-Marsh is always happy to discuss planned cloud services strategies and to present or provide consulting in this area. Over the last 12 months Nielsen-Marsh has been driving Pulsant’s Microsoft Strategy and leading the transformational changes required to become a Microsoft ‘modern partner’. Focussed on the development of Puslant’s MS Cloud Solution Provider program and Data Centre Modernisation and the use of Azure Stack and public Azure services.

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