Krysta Svore

Microsoft Research

Principal Research Manager


Krysta manages the Quantum Architectures and Computation Group (QuArC) at Microsoft Research in Redmond, WA. She is passionate about quantum computation and determining how to better solve problems on a quantum computer. Her research focuses on quantum algorithms and how to implement them on a quantum device, from how to code them in a high-level programming language, to how to optimise the resources they require, to how to implement them in hardware. She works in collaboration with Microsoft Station Q, Microsoft Research’s center for topological quantum computation. Other research interests include machine learning algorithms, both classical and quantum. Krysta is interested in learning to rank algorithms, Web search and information retrieval, including features and training methods, and the dynamics of the Web and its users over time. Krysta received her Ph.D. with Highest Distinction in Computer Science from Columbia University in 2006 under Dr. Alfred Aho and Dr. Joseph Traub. Previously, she worked with Dr. Isaac Chuang at MIT, Dr. John Preskill at Caltech, and Dr. David DiVincenzo and Dr. Barbara Terhal at IBM Research. She received a B.A. in Mathematics, with a minor in Computer Science and French, from Princeton University in 2001.

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