Future Decoded Live

Introducing Future Decoded Live

Experience the best of Future Decoded wherever you are with Future Decoded Live, new for 2018. 

Come back to this page from 9am on 31 October (UK time, GMT+1) for a live stream of our inspirational keynotes, select breakout sessions and online-exclusive content. Live will broadcast on both days of the event, bringing you the very latest from Future Decoded from 9am – 5.30pm. 

Check back soon for a full agenda and more excitement to come from Live.

The role of AI in our society

Continuing the discussion on Day 1’s keynote themes, hear from a range of guests from Microsoft, our customers, industry partners and academics on what the next industrial revolution, fuelled by AI, looks like. How do we ensure that AI is designed and used responsibly? How are early adopters using AI and what benefits is it bringing to their business? And how will AI impact employment, jobs and the way we work?

Transform your workplace with the latest devices

What’s the best device for your employees, or to upgrade your meeting spaces?  Why do 95% of Surface users say they have the right tools to get their job done?  The Surface family combines beautifully innovative hardware; is built for teamwork; integrated for simplicity; and has intelligent security built-in.

Hear from our panel how the product line has evolved; discover how Surface is helping customers accelerate their digital transformation; and see how meeting room solutions built on Microsoft 365 can enable the best teamwork.

Cultural transformation at Microsoft

It’s been four years since we announced our mission to empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more. Now, join leaders from across our business in conversation on what we’ve learned - how we worked out who we are; why we exist; and what tactics we employed to reboot our culture. 

We’ll explore the learnings from obsessing over what matters to our customers; becoming a more diverse and inclusive company; and operating as one company instead of multiple siloed businesses. We’ll also discuss how we aligned our systems and processes to our new culture, including aligning our rewards and recognition framework to impact, not activity.

Day 1 :

October 31, 2018
Day 1
Your Digital Potential Today:
Learn how to get to the leading edge of AI-amplified digital transformation with practical steps shared by Microsoft customers and partners.
Morning Keynote.
Customers, Academics and Analysts: The role of AI in our society.
Expo Theatre: Taking The Next Step In Your Digital Transformation Journey – Developing An AI Strategy.
Expo Theatre: Test and Learn (with humans) – PoC approaches for emerging technology projects.
Expo Theatre: Embracing inclusion to generate impact: lessons from those who do it.
Breakout: Role modelling change for women in technology.
Customers and Microsoft leaders: Cultural transformation at Microsoft.
Afternoon Keynote.

Day 2 :

November 1, 2018
Day 2
Your Intelligently Amplified Future:
Explore what the next industrial revolution, fuelled by AI, looks like. From practical next - level advanced workloads to next-generation transformative technology, get the trends to inform your strategy.
Morning Keynote.
Expo Theatre: Project Fizzyo – Making airway clearance treatments more engaging and fun for children with cystic fibrosis (Microsoft Research)
Expo Theatre: Cognitive Services demofest: A lap around (almost) all of the 35 Azure services.
Expo Theatre: Building a D&I foundation in your workforce: steps, challenges & tips from our own journey
Customers, Microsoft leaders and Partners: Device-led Transformation and the Modern Workplace of tomorrow.
Breakout: Future technology trends explained.
Afternoon Keynote.