Watch the keynotes from Microsoft Future Decoded

The Vision keynote is for professionals and leaders from companies of every size, be inspired by both Microsoft speakers and special guests on how to achieve more through the opportunity and power of digital transformation.

During the Technical keynote, for IT professionals and developers, hear how to design and build the digital business of tomorrow through real world stories and demos.

Open Source technologies are an integral part of the Azure cloud, and Microsoft has an extensive partner ecosystem helping us deliver the solutions developers love on Azure. Join the Open Cloud session to expand your knowledge on the use of Open Source development tools on Azure.

The keynote will begin by explaining what quantum computing is, and look at the big computational problems that we can’t solve with today’s computers, but which quantum computers will be able to tackle.

Watch the innovation and futures keynotes, which will decode the future with a glimpse in to the platforms, trends and services at the forefront of digital disruption.

In this first Azure Summit session, hear how business professionals, from companies both large and small, are changing the rules within their industry by harnessing data leading to hyper growth.

The second Azure Summit session will focus on IoT, AI and Blockchain - demonstrating practical use cases you can roll out with immediate effect as well as a vision of what is next for Azure.

The third session of the Azure Summit will cover the practical and cultural steps needed to continue your Azure journey, offering a chance to hear from customers about their own experiences and insights.

Join the final keynote at Microsoft Future Decoded, where you will experience a discussion with an empowering theme of what achieving more looks like in society, in the UK and across the world.