01 Nov. 15:00 - 15:30 | L1 GCI Theatre

The Connectivity Revolution: Should you Pay for your Employees' Broadband?

Presented by Simon Leather, Head of Connectivity Portfolio at TalkTalk The demand for faster broadband speeds and “all you can eat” bandwidth shows no sign of slowing down. And why would it, with a record-breaking 4,110,000,000 of data users worldwide? The future of the workplace is underpinned by the right connectivity; the uptake in flexible working environments means that more people are connecting from their bedrooms, to their garage and even when abroad, so it’s imperative that we provide our customers with the bandwidth they need. Join Simon Leather from TalkTalk Business as he discusses how they worked with GCI to enable better connectivity in terms of faster SoHo access, Wi-Fi, LAN and Application Quality Monitoring. He’ll also discuss flexible working, how AI is increasing our dependency, and how technology can help eliminate the 9-5 working culture.


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