01 Nov. 15:00 - 16:00 | L0 - Keynote Room

Session 3- Getting Going on Azure Solutions -Practical Steps to continuing your cloud journey

'Roadmap for future transformation.' Presented in three bite-sized sessions, the Azure Summit will take you on a complete cloud journey from discovery to roadmap for transformation. The Summit will showcase transformation as well as the cultural change and the steps you need to take within your organisation to develop an internal culture to be successful in a world of cloud, data and AI automation.   The final session of the Day 'Roadmap for future transformation' will cover the practical and cultural steps needed to continue your Azure journey, offering a chance to hear from customers about their own experiences and insights. Speakers will include Julia White, Corporate Vice President, Azure + Security Marketing at Microsoft, Neil Muller, Chief Executive Officer at Daisy, Jon Townsend, Chief Information Officer at National Trust, Amir Jafri, CTO at eBECS and Martin Lentle, Managing Director UK&I at Red Hat


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