31 Oct. 13:30 - 14:30 | L3 Session Room 11

The future workplace: what it looks like, how you deliver it, and how to ensure people love it

For the first time ever, there’s 5 generations collaborating in the workforce, and over 70% of us will work remotely by 2020: we need new tools, new ways of working and new culture to meet the challenges because right now half of all transformations are failing to have their planned impact. In this session we’ll look at people, processes and technology and how to improve employee engagement, foster creativity & drive productivity. We’ll explore how to give people the right tools for the job, how to manage those tools and how to enable people to get the best out of their time. It’s an envisaging journey of the Modern Desktop in an evergreen infrastructure. From Windows as a Service to Desktop Analytics, through to insights on the people and their personal impact with Workplace Analytics.