31 Oct. 15:00 - 16:00 | L3 Session Room 13

Understanding the Impact of technology trends today (Repeat session)

There are a lot of buzz words and jargon in any industry. You may already have knowledge of Blockchain, Mixed Reality and Quantum Computing. You will definitely have heard of Artificial Intelligence and how it’s already making incredible solutions possible in areas such as healthcare. However, putting all this in context of your own business and goals can be difficult when the technologies are still being shaped and refined. Microsoft UK’s Chief Technology Officer, Michael Wignall, will walk you through the top technology trends gaining traction today and what each could mean to you. In the first part of the session, Michael will explain each key trend, discuss its applicability and adoption, and provide clear examples of why Microsoft thinks your planning should be aligned with these developments. Come away with a clear view of what is most important technologically today, and what you should be doing about it.