31 Oct. 13:30 - 14:30 | L3 - Session Room 08

Missing Out - Why Aren’t You Better Already?

Why does it seem like every other company is doing better than you? They’re innovating faster and getting to market quicker. They’re recruiting all the best talent, and constantly setting the agenda for what is cutting edge in both technology and process. Many organisations try to regain competitive advantage by looking at others and replicating their structure and tooling. This isn’t actually a bad idea, but almost everyone fails because they’re copying the wrong thing. In this session, we'll argue that culture is the key driver of competitive advantage.We’ll share specific examples of companies driving value through their culture and see what we can learn from their key support structures which support, enable and nurture it. About CTRL (Control Through Leadership Teams): The aim of CTRL is to make developing people skills a first class concern within the technical world, bringing it out of the shadows and enhancing the leadership qualities through real, practical and honest guidance & conversation. Find out more here:
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