01 Nov. 12:45 - 13:15 | L1 DXC Theatre

Is Device as a Service (DaaS) a game changer?

Today’s consumer-driven workforces are raising expectations on how workplace services are consumed within enterprises. Increasingly tech-savvy employees demand a modern device, next day delivery, self-service provisioning and instant access to corporate data and tools, while enterprises struggle to cope with years of technical debt and constrained IT budgets. Device as a Service (DaaS) allows an enterprise to pay a single monthly fee for a fully configured, supported and regularly refreshed device. So, does DaaS change the game and bridge the expectation-gap, address the complexity of managing device lifecycles and bring a consumer-like experience to the workplace? Perhaps, but it depends on whether you embrace the true value of DaaS as part of a digital workplace transformation. In this session, we will explore what DaaS really means, review the true benefits, examine approaches for exploiting DaaS and discuss how DaaS could be the “game changer” that Enterprises are looking for.


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