01 Nov. 15:30 - 16:00 | L1 GCI Theatre

Making the Most of your Mobile Marketing Strategy with Smart Messenger

Presented by Scott Threlfall, Head of Messaging at GCI Mobile communication is the choice for over 4 billion people around the globe; not only ubiquitous but now part of our everyday lives, with the average person spending over 6 hours engaging with their mobile device every day. GCI’s Scott Threlfall discusses the current state of mobile marketing, how it is evolving, and the types of mobile customer engagement businesses can utilise to achieve greater customer satisfaction rates and ROI. He’ll also explore how you can integrate GCI’s SMART Messenger from GCI into any number of third party or internal business systems – such as CRM, Booking, Ticketing and Proximity Services – as well as how it will enhance your omni-channel marketing strategy.


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