31 Oct. 13:30 - 14:30 | L3 Session Room 8

Empowering your business, customers and staff with Future ready skills and 21st century learning

We are at the start of the Fourth Industrial Revolution with a fast paced digital society that is demanding new skills, a skilled up workforce and customers with a passion for learning. We know that 82% of UK CEO’s believe a lack of technical skills will inhibit their future growth (IoD) and that AI will bring about a fundamental reset of the jobs and skills market - creating millions more news jobs while displacing others. This expert panel of industry leaders will share their views of the current and future skills landscape, the changing world of work and how new approaches to learning will transform the way you work and your customers skills. Hear how you can tackle the digital skills gap through innovative approaches to apprenticeships, engaging with more diverse groups and using new platforms and certification for learning from Microsoft, LinkedIn and our partners. Join us to look into the future of skills, work and learning and get practical ideas about how you can empower your business, employees and yourself to achieve more!